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Sync your Sidekick browser across all your devices for a seamless browsing experience. Enjoy the convenience of Sidekick synchronization!

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Can I use Google sync?

Recently Google has disabled the ability to use the Google synchronization feature for all 3rd party browsers.

Good news :) Sidekick sync is implemented.

This feature allows all Sidekick users to sync data between Sidekick browsers installed on different machines securely and quickly. All the data will be encrypted on your local device before it is sent to the synchronization server so nobody can get or read your data except you.
The sync option is located here:

Please follow these steps to sync your devices.

So far, the sync should transfer apps, history, bookmarks, extensions, settings, your theme, and passwords.
Tabs opened, sessions, and accounts inside the apps are not synchronized yet. However, these changes are in our backlog.

Please stay tuned!

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