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Website doesn't work/isn't displayed as expected
Website doesn't work/isn't displayed as expected

Website's elements aren't displayed or don't work correctly, can't login

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If you face any issues when websites don't work as you expected them to behave or you can't log in, here are the steps to follow before contacting us:

  1. Make sure that VPN is disabled;

  2. Include the website's domain to our Ad blocker's whitelist:

    settings (the gear icon on the sidebar → Ad blocker

  3. Disable the Fingerprinting defense option in the browser settings:

    the gear icon on the sidebar → Privacy

  4. Check if the issue persists in Incognito mode;

  5. If the website works correctly in Incognito mode, disable your extensions here: sidekick://extensions/ as probably one of them causes the issue

⁕ If the problem still remains, reach out to our tech support team here via the special form in the Help section or our Discord channel.

When you get in touch with us, please describe the issue in more detail. A screenshot/ screen recording of the Console is much appreciated and helps sort things out faster.

Please follow these steps to capture it:

• go to Developer tools

• take a screenshot of your Console and Network after you try to load the problematic website/login/use any tool that doesn't work

The issues should be displayed here. After you take a screenshot/ screen recording, attach it to your report.

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