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Keyboard shortcuts

Boost your efficiency with Sidekick's keyboard shortcuts. Explore our list of shortcuts and take your browsing to the next level!

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Sidekick comes with helpful shortcuts to supercharge your productivity.
Note: for Windows and Linux, use Ctrl instead of cmd and Alt instead of


  • Press ⌥ + 1-9 to quickly switch between applications in the sidebar

  • Press cmd + 1,2,3... to quickly switch between opened tabs

  • Press ⌥ + Z to switch between two last-used apps or tabs

  • Right-click on the application icon to access app-specific search or app settings

  • Click on an app while holding cmd on an app to open it as a tab


  • Press cmd + T to open launchpad/New tab

  • Press ⌥ + F (Alt + S on Windows) to open Global Search

  • Press ⌥ + ⇧ + W to manage tabs with Sessions

  • Press ⌥ + W to switch between Sessions


  • Press ⌥ + R to open the last split panel

  • Press ⌥ + B to open/close Split-View

  • Press ⌥ + left-click to open an app/tab in Split-View

How to configure

Open sidekick://extensions/shortcuts to change your shortcut settings.

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