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Get answers to your common questions and issues with Sidekick's comprehensive support guide. Get the most out of your Sidekick experience!

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Q: Tab groups don't work as expected

We're currently working on fixing it. The solution will be implemented in the nearest update.

Q: I can't see the sidebar

There are three possible reasons for that:

  • you haven't logged in

  • you've chosen to hide the sidebar in settings – in this case, open a new tab page and choose Show sidebar in the Appearance settings (choose the gear icon on the sidebar)

  • it's a bug – please let us know!

Q: How can I install an extension with a custom New Tab Page?

Currently, we do not support customizing NTP. However, we're planning to come up with a possible solution and implement such an option.

Q: How can I prevent a site from suspending?

You can set up a suspender in the settings available on the sidebar.

Q: How to remove apps from the sidebar?

To remove the app, you should right-click on it, choose settings (the gear icon) and finally remove it from your workspace.

You can also just left-click on the app needed and, holding the button, move it from the sidebar to the right.

Q: How to know if Sidekick is up to date?

Sidekick is updated automatically, however, a browser restart is needed for some major updates. The notification will appear on a new tab page if you have a very old version.

Q: My sidebar is grey. How to make it like it used to be?

This is Focus mode functionality. To make the sidebar colorful again, just click on the bell icon:

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