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How can I install an extension with a custom New Tab Page?

Currently, we do not support customizing NTP. However, we're planning to come up with a possible solution and implement such an option.

How to know if Sidekick is up to date?

Sidekick is updated automatically. However, a browser restart is needed for some major updates. The notification will appear on a new tab page if you have an ancient version.

Does Sidekick have a mobile app?

The mobile app is in our backlog, but there is no exact ETA.

Is there a roadmap?

There is no public roadmap yet.

Can I have Sidekick Pro for several browser profiles?

The Sidekick Pro subscription is connected to one email address. Therefore, one email address (browser profile) means one Sidekick subscription.

You can create Workspaces as a replacement for browser profiles.

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