What is Sidekick?

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Sidekick is the next-gen browser for work

Browsers have become a de-facto standard for work by accident but were never designed for work.

We asked ourselves: if we were to build a browser optimized for productivity, what would it look like? Better integration with work applications, a powerful global search, enterprise-level security, work automation, speed, and being able to juggle multiple accounts and projects we all work on.

How is Sidekick different from Chrome?

Sidekick is built on top of the latest version of Chrome and supports all Chrome features and extensions. However, as a browser focused on productivity, Sidekick adds:

  • an application sidebar so you can access your most-used apps quickly

  • the ability to search through all your documents and applications

  • the ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously

  • the ability to organize tabs by tab sessions for better focus and less tab clutter

Why is Sidekick faster than Chrome?

One of our design goals for Sidekick is to build the fastest browser, and thus we've made a number of improvements to speed up the loading of pages and memory usage. Learn more

Where is my data saved?

Like with any other browser, your private data (cookies, passwords, etc) is securely stored locally and encrypted with a password we never receive. The only thing we store on our servers is configuration settings—a list of apps and their preferences.

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