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How to customize Sidekick?

Customize Sidekick to your liking with our easy-to-follow guide. Personalize your browsing experience and increase productivity!

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Q: How can I modify keyboard shortcuts?

Please open Help from the sidebar and choose Configure shortcuts. Or do it here: sidekick://extensions/shortcuts.

Q: How to change the background?

You can do it in the browser settings (the gear icon on the sidebar) → Appearance. Here you can customize Sidekick.

Q: How can I import my Chrome extensions?

You can either do it during import when you first create an account or add them manually here: sidekick://settings/importData.

Q: Why do I need to import data from my current browser?

Some key functions, such as Search and app recommendations, are based on your browsing history and won't work without importing data. Also, if you choose to import cookies (to avoid entering passwords all over again), you'll be asked to enter your system password to make sure it's really you. All data is securely saved on a local machine (like any other browser) and is never shared or sent to the backend.

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