Hi there! Let's get you set up :)

A few steps to get your shiny new browser set up, and take advantage of Sidekick's speed, shortcuts, and workspaces! We also encourage you to read the FAQ.

Our goal is to create an onboarding process that's intuitive and doesn't require explanation - we'll get there :)

1. Quick setup

  • Download the latest build here

  • Import your settings from Chrome. Importing your history, bookmarks and settings will help you transition smoothly, as well as enable powerful search and app recommendations. Sidekick will automatically prompt you to do this.

  • Pin your most-used apps. First, select applications to add to Sidekick Second, pin your most frequently used to sidebar for quick access and badges To edit notifications and appearance, right-click app to open app settings.

2. Try it out!

  • Try Search. Right click on applications to use app-specific search, and press opt+F (Alt+S on Windows) to access global search across app apps and documents.

  • Rapidly switch between your most-used apps (those that you pinned in the sidebar), via option + 1..9 (Alt+1..9 on Windows) or by clicking on the sidebar. This lets you move between apps without opening a myriad of tabs

  • Add more apps. Click "New" in app launcher – by opening a new tab.

  • Try tab switcher – this feature will boost your productivity drastically. Open several tabs and then press opt+Z (Alt+Z on Windows) – quick press will open last opened tab and long press will open dialog where you can switch by holding opt and pressing z.

3. Advanced setup (optional)

  • Add a new Session. Separate tabs related to a different contexts (e.g. work and home) into Sessions for better focus and less clutter. Open Sessions manager by pressing Opt+Shift+W (Alt+Shift+W on Windows) and create a new session. You can dnd tabs between sessions and easily switch session with opt+W hotkey

  • Try Multiple logins for apps. This allow us to use multiple logins at the same time without having to re-login. Details here

  • See what else you can do with Sidekick - see the Features section in Getting started section of Help centre

4. Join our early user Community on Slack:

  • We value your opinion. Share your thoughts, ideas and feedback directly with our whole team. Sign up here.

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