Q: How can I modify keyboard shortcuts?

Please open Help from Sidebar and choose "Change Shortcuts". Or click here: chrome://extensions/shortcuts

Q: How can I report a bug / suggest a feature?

A: Best way is by clicking "?" in Sidebar -> Feedback. This will all send browser version to help us reproduce the error.

Q: How can install an extension with custom New Tab Page?

A: Currently we do not support customizing NTP. It's on the roadmap.

Q: Tab groups don't work as expected?

A: Yes, we're working to fix it.

Q: How can I import my Chrome extensions?

A: You can either do it during import when you first create account, or add them manually through Chrome extension / app store.

Q: Why I can't see the sidebar?

A: There are three possible reasons for that:

  • you didn't log in

  • you've chosen to hide sidebar in settings – in this case open new tab page and enable it in settings again

  • it's a bug – please send us a note and let's investigate.

Q: How can I prevent a site from suspending?

A: You can set up suspender in settings available in Sidebar.

Q: How to know if Sidekick is up to date?

A: Sidekick is updated automatically, however, browser restart is needed for some major updates. If you have a very old version, the notification will appear on a new tab page.

Q: How do I enable workspaces for personal use?

A: Workspaces are a bit experimental at this point. We will enable them as soon as they reach production quality.

Q: 1Password doesn't work

At this point, we do not support 1 Password 7 (We're waiting for 1Password to whitelist Sidekick). Please install 1 Password X extension instead

Q: I want to add feature X could you do it?

A: Yes, question is really about prioritization. We are still fairly small team and we have to maintain focus and discipline in prioritizing features. However, what would really help if you can submit a feature request through Help, and explain your use case in more detail - how would you use it, how it would help other users. We look at feature requests weekly and your explanation will help us with prioritization.

Q: How is Sidekick different from Chrome?

Sidekick is built on top of the latest version of Chrome and supports all Chrome features and extensions. However, as a browser focused on productivity Sidekick adds

  • an application Dock (Sidebar) so you can access your most-used apps quickly

  • the ability to search through all your documents and applications

  • the ability to use multiple accounts simultaneously

  • deep integration with popular SaaS tools that gives them superpowers

Q: Why is Sidekick much faster than Chrome?

One of our design goals for Sidekick is to build the fastest browser, and thus we've made a number of improvements to speed up the loading of pages and memory usage. Learn more

Q: Why do I need to import data from my current browser?

Some key functions, such as Search and app recommendations, are based on your browsing history and won't work without importing data. Also, if you choose to import cookies (to avoid entering passwords all over again), you'll be asked to enter your system password to make sure it's really you. All data is securely saved on a local machine (like any other browser) and is never shared or sent to the backend.

Q: What's the difference between the personal version and an enterprise version?

  • The personal version is built around enhancing your productivity, adding privacy (removing most of the data sharing with Google), and turbocharging your loading speeds.

  • The enterprise version is built around security, remote setup capabilities, and the ability to share access and collaborate with your teammates (e.g. built-in link sharing, video chat, SSO, and user and role provisioning).

Q: Where is my data saved?

Like with any other browser, your private data (cookies, passwords, etc) is securely stored locally and encrypted with a password we never receive. The only thing we store on our servers are configuration settings—a list of apps and their preferences.

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