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Version 106 (132.3.1) November, 2022

  1. Better browser performance

  2. Fix of badges (WhatsApp, Notion, Telegram, Discord, Facebook messenger)

  3. Facebook app in the catalog (instead of the Facebook pages and Facebook groups apps)

  4. Improved VPN

  5. The losing sessions' tabs issue is fixed

  6. Fixed the browser behavior when using Ctrl (Cmd)+Shift+T

    ● using Ctrl (Cmd)+Shift+T doesn't restore a window with old tabs

  7. Split view behavior is fixed

  8. Commands and shortcuts were added to the Global search

Version 104 (130.1.3) October, 2022

1) Tab groups are implemented! Check and give us feedback ;)

2) Issue with badges (Slack, Gmail, WhatsApp, etc.) working incorrectly is solved

3) Bug with installing a custom icon is fixed

4) Change colors here: sidekick://settings/manageProfile

5) New Halloween backgrounds for the new tab page 🎃

Version 104 (129.2.3) October, 2022

1) Sync update with fixes is rolled out for everyone

  • you can find the sync option in the profiles menu in the upper right corner

2) Calendars integration

  • you can turn on this integration to join Zoom and Google calls with a single click

3) Smooth address bar design (no borders!)

4) Issue with the geolocation service is fixed

5) Workspace removing confirmation popup

6) Gradient background won't be reset

7) Shortcut menu is updated

8) Fix of apps opening as tabs

Version 104 (128.1.1) September, 2022

1) Fixes for NTP, Split view, badges, sync, passwords

2) Widevine fix for Windows

  • Netflix, Spotify, etc. work correctly

3) Faster and more accurate Global search

4) Recently used section (inside apps) now shows a list for a chosen account only

5) A shortcut for our Split view has been made

  • Option (Alt) + Z

6) A closed app can be restored

  • by using a Cmd (Ctrl) + Shift + T shortcut

Version 102 (111.1.0) August, 2022

1) Stability and performance improvements

  • fixing bugs and vulnerabilities

  • performance improvement

2) The Workspaces update is implemented

  • check workspaces via the profile menu (in the upper right corner)

3) Touch ID is supported

4) The issue with adding/editing/deleting payment methods is fixed

5) The blinking new tab page bug is solved

6) The Global reach performance is improved

7) The multi-account apps popup behavior is fixed

8) The logout problem is solved (used to occur while switching accounts in the Google service apps)

Version 102 (110.0.3) August, 2022

1) Stability and performance improvements

  • fixing bugs and vulnerabilities

  • performance improvement

2) Popup to confirm deleting a session

  • now you won't accidentally delete any session

3) The Split View performance issue is fixed

4) The problem with the Skype and WhatsApp chats is resolved

5) Google Keep is working correctly

6) The Telegram badge issue is fixed

Version 100 (107.0.1) June, 2022

1) Stability and performance improvements

  • fixing bugs

  • performance improvement (super speed ⚡)

  • fixing vulnerabilities

2) Sidebar is available in each window you open

3) Each app now has multi accounts

4) The sync option is in beta (contact us if you want to test it!)

Version 98 (90.0.5) March, 2022

1) Stability and performance improvements

  • fixing bugs

  • performance improvement

  • fixing vulnerabilities

Version 96 (87.1.0) December, 2021

1) The issue with Widevine is fixed

  • Windows users got rid of problems with streaming services

2) Focus mode

It not only mutes all notifications and sets your status to unavailable, but it also displays a heading in all your messengers to cleverly let everyone know you are working deep in the zone with Sidekick.

3) Stability and performance improvements and

  • The losing tabs problem is partly solved

  • The issues with the restarting new tab page and the apps icons are fixed

Also, we're on our way to giving our users more opportunities to use the Sidekick Pro plan. So please stay tuned!

Version 94 (84.1.5) November, 2021

1) The issue with Widevine is fixed

  • Now there are no more obstacles to watching Netflix or listening to music via Spotify for macOS users.

    The other OSes are on their way to getting improvements too.

2) The M1 Mac version fixes

  • Users who installed the Intel version by mistake will have the correct version that is much more productive.

3) Stability and performance improvements

  • Fixes of the sidebar issues and other bugs.

Version 90 (75.2.5) June 10, 2021

1) New settings dialog

  • Improved UX/UI

  • Ability to select new tab page background image

  • Ability to select time format 12h/24h

2) Search dialog improvements

  • easily copy the link for search results

  • close tabs directly from the search dialog

3) Lot's of bug fixes and stability improvements

Version 68.0.3 April 16, 2021

1) A lot of small issues fixed

2) Improved UI for the light theme

3) Notifications improvements and fixes for:

  • Twitter

  • MS Teams

  • vk.com

  • Hangouts

4) Now we hide the "Import history and bookmarks" button on the new tab page if you already have imported the data or have a huge history. You can always find this button in settings or here: chrome://settings/importData

Version 65.3.23 March 31, 2021

All your web documents structured on NTP
New tab page got amazing navigator for all your web documents.
We structured all the web for you, so it was easier to find any page or document in almost all popular services you use.

Web document types in the search

Now users can search by document types. Try typing "repository", "Linear issue" or any other document type in search dialog and you'll be surprised how great our search is.

New app context menu (right-click the app icon)

Now switching accounts for the app is just one click away

New help panel design
Now it has all the important help links and is much easier to read.

Version 59.1.3 Feb 18, 2021

New tab page with backgrounds
NTP got redesigned and we added colorful backgrounds and widgets. Ability to customize backgrounds is coming soon!

Account selector in Notes
In notes (option-N) you can now select which account to be used.

Improved memory management
Better memory saving through suspender, you can see exact memory savings on New Tab Page.

Close button for apps
You can now close an app by opening the context menu (right-click) and choosing close. Previously you could only do it with a shortcut CMD-W.

Version 55.1.8 Jan 28, 2021

Tab Switcher

Long pressing option-Z now opens a Least Recently Used (LRU) tab switcher similar to MacOs short press of option-Z switches to a previously active tab.

Version 52.0.4 Dec 28, 2020

Pinned tabs stay pinned
Even if you close a pinned tab it will come back the next time you open a session. Unpin the tab before closing to get rid of it.

URLs in omnibox
Now you can see URLs for all suggestions in the address bar.

Sessions in new window
You can now open sessions in a new window, and all new windows map to a temporary session.

Move to session
Easily move tab to any session in tab menu (right-click opened tabs to see the option)

Battery usage optimization
We've made some tweaks in browser configuration to reduce battery usage and CPU consumption.

Version 46.1.61 Dec 16, 2020

Quick start guide
Now it's easy to overview major Sidekick features by simply visiting our quick start guide page at start.meetsidekick.com

Auto-close zoom tabs
Tired of useless zoom launcher tabs? Now they are closed automatically right when you leave the tab.

Copy URLs of opened tabs
Copy URLs of opened tabs easily from search dialog**.** Press Cmd+C (Ctrl + C for Windows) to copy URL of opened tab in search dialog.

AdBlock improvements
AdBlock now blocks ads and trackers even better since we added new bases and whitelisted some resources based on your feedback.

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