One of the superpowers you get when working with app in Sidekick is being able to use multiple accounts. There are, generally speaking, two types of applications:

  1. Those which support multiple concurrent accounts - such as Slack, Gmail, Notion, etc and allow to access them with specially formed URL, such as

  2. And those that do not, and only allow one account to be logged on at a given time: Messenger, WhatsApp, Linkedin

Luckily Sidekick allow you to use multiple accounts for all of the apps and this is how:

Apps that support multiple accounts

For the first group of applications we've added account switcher accessible with the right click where you can select and manage team/account/workspace/email whatever you favorite app calls it. You can also add another copy of the same app and choose a different account

Apps that don't support multiple accounts

For application that do not support multiple logins we invented (for the lack of better name) "Private session mode" - which is similar to running these apps in incognito window, except that you won't be logged out after closing the window or Sidekick. You can change this in app settings (accessible with right-click):

One thing to keep in mind is that if you open a link that is connected to an app that you run in "Private session mode" you need to first select that app so that it would open with correct credentials.

Advanced FAQ

Q: Can I use "Private session mode" with apps that support multiple accounts?

A: Yes, one such use case would be Notion, if you want to work with workspaces connected to different emails - in this case set up one of the Notion apps to work in Private session mode.

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