Sidekick is designed with productivity in mind and for those of us who have many tabs and applications open at the same time. We've made a number of important improvements to optimize Sidekick for this, in particular:

  • Built-in Ad blocker. Sidekick blocks request to common trackers and advertising networks to better protect your privacy online and improve page loading time. This may affect some websites, in which case ad-blocker can be temporarily disabled in the Settings menu.

  • Built-in Tab suspender. Sidekick would automatically unload tabs and apps from memory after 10 minutes of inactivity to save your computer precious resources. You can configure Tab suspender in the Settings menu (timeout and list of domains that shouldn't be suspended, such as messengers):

  • Better tab memory management. Tabs from identical domains (e.g. notion documents) would be combined into a single process to preserve memory and improve loading time.

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