As power users we spend 90% of our time working with various web-based applications. In Sidekick we treat those differently than other browsers and give these apps superpowers, such as badges, app-specific search and additional app-specific settings (for example opening Instagram in mobile mode to access messages)

Adding new applications

Open the app launcher by opening a new tab or pressing option + T (Alt+S for Windows). Click add application and select it from the list. If you can't find your favorite app, select "Custom Application" and enter the URL of the webpage or app.

Pinning applications to the sidebar

You can simply drag and drop the application onto your sidebar or right-click on the application, select settings, and choose "Pin to the current workspace."

Open application

You can open applications through Search (option+f), Launchpad or Sidebar. By default apps pinned to Sidebar will be hidden from Sidebar. You can chance this behavior settings in app settings menu.

Private mode

Apps can be set up to run in Private Mode in which case they will run in a session isolated from the rest of the applications. You can use this to access multiple accounts simultaneously.

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